Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of Vaccines, Under Oath

Doctor Stanley Plotkin is considered to be one of the leading experts in vaccines and vaccination. In the 1960s, he played a pivotal role in the development of the rubella vaccine and he currently consults with several manufacturers. So, his presence in a vaccination lawsuit deposition is not shocking. What is shocking is that the foremost expert on vaccinology thinks that there is no financial motivation behind the government’s push to vaccinate (there is), that there have been placebo-controlled studies for the vaccines on the CDC childhood schedule (there aren’t), and that there’s nothing unsafe about injecting ingredients of vaccines into children including simian virus, pig virus, calf serum, casein, pig gelatin, human albumin, and MRC-5 human diploid cells.

Most telling is the part toward the end of deposition in which Plotkin describes which vaccines were produced using chopped up fetal organs. When asked whether people should have religious objections to vaccination, Plotkin said, “No.” He said that he is aware of the objection to vaccination that some have on the grounds that some vaccines contain fetal tissue, but that the Catholic Church has issued a document relieving vaccinees of their moral culpability. Dr. Stanley Plotkin said, “I think it implies that I am the individual who will go to Hell because of the use of aborted tissues, which I am glad to do.”

He tops it all off with a shocker that while he could not scientifically or logically claim that the current CDC vaccination schedule doesn’t lead to autism since there is no evidence one way or the other, that he could say it as a physician and recommend it to parents. Think about that. There is no definitive evidence that vaccines do or don’t cause autism (despite what the CDC website says), yet the foremost expert on immunology still recommends vaccination because there’s no study to support the claim (even though there are). This is akin to saying there’s no study showing that hammering your thumb will cause pain so hammering your thumb doesn’t cause pain. It’s a stunning admission.

Here is the edited version with the full deposition below. If you would like to read the full deposition in easy-to-read formatted copy here is the Kindle version: Plotkin on Vaccines.