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We’ve tried just about every diaper manufactured and none come close to the absorption or the biodegradable ability of the Bambo Nature brand. They’re simple and effective. The only problem we’ve found is when our bigger boy seemed to be overfilling his size 5 diapers overnight and wetting his bed, the size 6 didn’t quite fit right so he was wetting his bed with both. At any rate, most babies should be out of diapers altogether by that age/size.


As your family grows, you’ll find that a good wipe is your best friend. We’ve found that certain baby wipes irritate skin and some disinfectant wipes can be toxic. We recommend the Norwex microfiber non-chemical antibacterial cloths and the 7th Generation Baby Wipes for sensitive skin.


While there is merit to a good mineral water, we’ve found the only way to remove contaminants from our drinking water is to distill it at home. We’ve been very happy with the MegaHome brand—it’s lasted over seven years without fail. We also use the Kleen Wise salts to clean the distiller. We also send our drinking water through a Brita filter for good measure. Distillation removes everything except for the VOCs, which carbon filtration takes care of.


Of course, nothing beats playing in the dirt outside, but that’s not always feasible. And when you get a child a special toy for inside, you’ve probably noticed that she tends to play more with the box that it came in than with the toy itself. We’ve found that our kids especially like to tear things apart and build them back up, which is difficult for toys that aren’t designed for that. Thank goodness for Legos (Duplo for toddlers) and Megabloks. There are versions for every age and, while they can be expensive, there’s nothing that keeps kids more consistently entertained (except perhaps the box it came in). If you must get non-building toys, we recommend the Green Toys brand, which uses recycled materials.


Keeping to the Zero to Paleo model is easy, especially when you grow your own food! We recommend growing carrots and spinach in the cold months and tomatoes and sweet potatoes in the warm months. These are hardy plants almost anyone can grow. Supplement your LoS Hi-Fi snacks with nuts and other veggies then fill up on healthy meats and cheese from your local health food store (or fishery). You can find all the yummy and healthy food you need for your Paleo Family diet at Thrive Market and you get a 25% off coupon going through this link.

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