Paleo Family: Raising Natural Kids in an Unnatural World

Raising healthy families should be as easy as walking upright, especially in such a technologically advanced society as we have today.

Instead, technology has actually become a hindrance to optimal health. Engineered foods, superfluous pharmaceuticals, and addictive electronic devices are making it more and more difficult to raise healthy families.

In Paleo Family, we explore the fascinating history of technology in food, medicine, and consumer goods and also uncover the vast amounts of scientific literature that point to the startling conclusion that

we’re so “healthy” it’s killing us!

In each aspect of the family timeline, from mate selection to conception to pregnancy to feeding and nurturing children, we offer the golden mean approach to technology—utilizing the beneficial advances while not overdosing. Finally, we make simple, easy-to-follow recommendations based on the data.

Part literature review and part history with compelling personal stories mixed in, expecting novices and experienced parents alike will find Paleo Family an invaluable resource for their little tribes.

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