Jordan B. Peterson on the Benefits His Remarkable Carnivorous Diet

The controversial psychologist and professor Jordan B. Peterson seems to have an interesting take on just about everything. And he can articulate that perspective better than a vast majority of people who have ever lived. This is true about Jordan Peterson’s diet and its effect on overall physical and mental health. We’ve documented this extensively and put several of our findings in our latest health book: Paleo Family.

In an interview with Helen Lewis for GQ, he explains several aspects of his philosophy on health including the obesity epidemic, his strict carnivorous diet, and the profound effects it has had on his weight, snoring, and, most notably, the need for antidepressants.

Here’s the clip:

Despite the evident benefits, we do not recommend Jordan Peterson’s diet. We recommend the Zero to Paleo plan of snacking on natural low-sugar, high-fiber foods through the day, exercising, then filling yourself with high-protein dinner (all beef or otherwise). We believe that Peterson would receive the same health benefits he has on the all-cow diet with the Zero to Paleo plan by eliminating inflammatory foods such as added sugars and gluten (there is evidence that depression may be a result of inflammation).

The preceding interview was fascinating as well. Peterson in insightful and articulate as ever and Lewis brings up some very important points and some humorous perspective. This is not the Cathy Newman interview.