HHS Thinks Vaccines Have Been Studies Against Placebo. They Haven’t.

The gold standard for scientific study is the presence of a control group. In the case of vaccine safety testing, you would assume that all of the vaccines given to our children had been tested against a true inert placebo.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Turns out, your vaccines were tested for safety against other vaccines. Not against a saline injection. Against OTHER VACCINES that themselves have potential serious adverse effects. I say “potential”, because THAT vaccine was tested against the vaccine that came before it, and so on.

From Informed Consent Action Network‘s most recent response to Health and Human Services (link below):

“The reason that drugs are first evaluated in a clinical trial against a placebo control group, prior to being released to the public, is to assess the drug’s safety and effectiveness. As explained by HHS:

In undertaking a clinical trial, researchers don’t want to leave anything to chance. They want to be as certain as possible that the results of the testing show whether or not a treatment is safe and effective. The “gold standard” for testing interventions in people is the “randomized, placebo-controlled” clinical trial. A placebo is an inactive substance that looks like the drug or treatment being tested.

However, for each pediatric vaccine – except one – that HHS promotes for routine injection into children, the clinical trials relied upon to assess its safety prior to licensing its use in children did not use a placebo-control group….”

“After making the false claim that many vaccines on HHS’s childhood schedule were licensed based on a placebo-controlled trial, HHS then states:

Inert placebo controls are not required to understand the safety profile of a new vaccine, and are thus not required.

“[Pediatric vaccines] either had no control group or a control group which received other vaccines as a “placebo.” This means each new vaccine need only be roughly as safe as one (or in some cases numerous) previously licensed vaccines.

Such flawed and unscientific study designs cannot establish the actual safety profile of any vaccine. The real adverse event rate for a vaccine can only be determined by comparing subjects receiving the vaccine with those receiving an inert placebo. Yet, this basic study design, required for every drug, is not required before or after licensing a vaccine.”


ICAN’s document is a MUST READ FOR EVERYONE – especially for those who are choosing one or more of these vaccines for their children – so that you may give your fully #informedconsent.