“Green” isn’t a catch-phrase, it’s a way of life

http://laptops.toshiba.com/images/showcase/innovation-lab/green-recycle-img.jpg“Green” is often used as a catch-phrase to garner attention and push sales to people who want to do the right thing. It’s also often used by companies that don’t do the right thing and want to act like they are.

Code Publishing (and our imprints Amelior Books, New Classic Books, and LoBraü Books) don’t do much self-promotion about how they’re saving the world by doing the green thing, we just do it. We recycle more than twice as much as we throw away. We don’t use air conditioning or central heat at our offices (we are in San Diego after all). We encourage our employees to walk or bike to work as well as the grocery store and mall.

As a publishing company, we also look to be environmentally responsible. We promote electronic versions of our books and make strides to reduce the number of pages in our paperbacks. Whereas some publishers will release 400-page books that could easily fit in a compact 200-page size (usually they go with the “more-pages-higher-price-tag” philosophy). We try to condense as much good stuff into tiny packages.

It’s good to talk conservation, but it’s also good to mean it. Code Publishing means it.