Get crackin on that New Year’s Resolution

It’s well known that “getting fit” and “taming the bulge” are common New Year’s Resolutions and it’s quite possible that you share that resolution with the millions of others who are looking for 2010 to be the year of health. not make it easy on yourself and ensure that this year’s resolution comes true? The Evolution Diet can help with easy ways to (a) figure out where you are in your health life, and (b) get you to where you want to be by simple moves toward the way we were designed to eat.

To help you figure out where you are in your health life, we’ve provided a free online health assessment that shows your BMR, BMI, and HealthScore based on a quick health survey. You can also track your daily health.

Next, take steps to get where you want to be in your diet and exercise plans. There are four easy principles to get to the diet that we were designed to consume. 1. Listen to your body, not your culture, 2. Appropriate your diet in the method of our ancestors, 3. Eat from nature and avoid intake of Artificially Extreme Foods (AEFs) like fried Twinkies, 4. Exercise and sleep when your body tells you to.

If you’d like more information, please see The Evolution Diet and  The Evolution Diet: All-Natural and Allergy Free.