Under arm overview

woman's arm pit You may have heard of the dangers of the chemicals in antiperspirants (Zirconium sensitivity, aluminum accumulation and even links to Alzheimer’s). So, it may be prudent to ease up on the roll-ons or clear sticks. Or better yet, you may want to give up the antiperspirant altogether and go with simple deodorant. But many deodorants, while they might not have harmful chemicals in them, they might not work in preventing odors from getting out of hand.

Some people suggest apple cider vinegar as a solution, but if you want to fight odor, doesn’t it make sense to use something that doesn’t smell in the first place?

We at The Evolution Diet recommend a healthier option that works: hand sanitizer. While topical hand sanitizer doesn’t clog the pores and prevent sweating, the active ingredient, ethyl alcohol, does neutralize the bacteria that forms in odoriferous areas.

In addition to being effective, it’s also less expensive than traditional deodorants. A month’s supply may only cost you $5.

For odor-neutralizing reasons, we recommend the scent-free variations of the Purell brand or any generic alternative and we recommend that you apply the sanitizer immediately after washing the targeted area to prevent any bacteria build-up.