The ‘balanced meal’ is making you fat

If you choose to follow the concept of a balanced meal, which often combines a high-protein food like beef with a high-carb food like mashed potatoes, the result is incomplete digestion, which can present itself in various unpleasant ways.  Everyone who has been diagnosed with lactose intolerance can attest to the pains and trouble that poor digestion causes.  Lactose intolerant people can’t digest the sugar in milk products and if they drink milk or a tall milkshake, the consequences can be explosive—literally.  Gas is the result of consuming something we don’t digest, whether it’s because our bodies don’t produce the necessary enzyme (lactase in the case of lactose intolerance) or because our diet inhibits the enzymes we have (pepsin in the case of a balanced-meal eater).

Proper digestion is extremely important to overall health and maximizing your enzyme productivity is vital to your digestion, as the recent interest in enzyme therapy has shown.  A study from the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that more than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of digestive disorder, many of which result in deadly diseases like cancer.  The conditions range from constipation and gallstones to ulcers and acid reflux disease and can show up in symptoms like chronic fatigue, premature aging, arthritis, poor skin and hair quality, toxicity, and allergies.  So many Americans are suffering from digestive problems because too many Americans are not appropriating their diets like they were designed to do.

And it makes sense.  The natural hunter/gatherer (Nat) didn’t eat a balanced meal.  He would instead pick at a food—most likely a high-fiber carbohydrate—while “gathering” in a certain area for an extended period of time.  Then, he would hunt an animal and eat his fill of the high-protein meat.  While Nat’s feasting on his recently captured large game, though, he wouldn’t be wondering what mashed potatoes would taste like accompany the meat—the potatoes will be available to him long after the nutritious meat will.  In other words, Nat wouldn’t be eating fruits and vegetables with his high-protein meal.