The Evolution Diet and food allergies

The Evolution Diet takes all-natural foods and inserts them into an eating plan that reflects what our ancestors (Natural Man and Woman) would have maintained. Among the natural foods that we include in the diet are healthy foods that have been slightly processed, for example whole-grain crackers and low-fat dairy products.

This, naturally, causes some confusion to some people–how can this diet be called “The Evolution Diet” if it includes some healthy processed foods? The critic may ask. It’s a good question and one that should be addressed.
File:Various grains.jpgThe fact is that while modern, all-natural slightly processed foods can be healthy, they are only similar to what our bodies expect, and, as such, they produce allergies in some dieters. Lactose intolerance, for instance is the natural rejection of the sugar in milk that occurs after we can get our nutrients from somewhere besides mother’s milk. Grain allergies also occur in much of the population because we did not evolve to eat as much of it as we do today.

While many Evo-dieters have experienced remission of their food allergies while on the diet (eating these foods in the way we were designed alleviates much of the digestive troubles they cause), we are excited to announce that we are working to produce a complete allergy-free Evolution Diet shortly. So, look forward to “The Evolution Diet: Allergy Free” on bookstore shelves this summer!