Fat Fiction

This is an introduction to the life-saving low-carb diet and the history of how the health establishment was tricked (and bought) into supporting the opposite low-fat diet. The history will infuriate you but the success stories of people ditching the disastrous USDA food pyramid diet and recommendations for diabetics for a simple low-carb diet will inspire you.

This film matches some data (60% of low-carb diabetics were able to get off insulin compared with less than 1% of food pyramid diabetics) with case studies and input from several health professionals weighing in on the subject.

It leaves some questions unanswered (eg are diabetics required to remain on low-carb diet in perpetuity or is their insulin system restored once they lose weight?) and it doesn’t review the drawbacks to the low-carb diet (fatigue, food boredom, and keto acidosis in strict keto plans) but it’s a great overview. To be fair, this film recommends low-carb not no-carb and most problems come from strict keto diets.

From Amazon:

Fat Fiction reveals how the United States government relied on questionable evidence to support one of the most damaging public health recommendations in the history of our country: the “low fat diet.”