Obese Doctor Says It’s “Crazy” Not to Get the Flu Shot

Joe Rogan recently had vaccine proponent Peter Hotez on his podcast. At one point Rogan, who is generally pro-vaccine, said that he didn’t get the flu shot. Hotez responded, “That’s crazy.”

Rogan’s point was that healthy people don’t need it because the flu isn’t that bad. Hotez said that it was crazy not to get the flu because influenza is one of the most infectious diseases killer in the United States.

Like most people, Rogan probably didn’t like someone saying what he as a healthy person did was crazy, so a few minutes later, he turned the tables on Hotez. The conversation turned toward diet.

Hotez admitted that “I’m not as cautious about my diet as I should be. I’m a junk-food-aholic.”

“How often do you eat garbage?” Rogan asked.

“That’s my daughter with autism that’s like our thing is to go to the called The Burger Joint or to Shake Shack to get a cheeseburger with sticks and sneak some fries,” Hotez admitted.

“Well I mean I don’t have to tell you but there’s a large body of data that connects poor diet to a host of diseases. That seems like a crazy decision for a guy in your line of work,” Rogan said.

“Sometimes the it’s not all brain it’s it’s it’s something else,” Hotez further admitted.

It is estimated that over 300,000 premature deaths can be attributed to obesity, making it the second-leading killer in America and vastly more deadly than the flu.