Cure for a pain in the neck

I used to get what many have termed a “crick in the neck.” No, I didn’t get them figuratively, I didn’t have numerous annoying people around me that were a “pain in the neck.” I really suffered from extremely uncomfortable feelings in my neck that prevented me from turning my head, playing sports, or going through my day without looking like a stiff robot. you go to the doctor with chronic cricks in the neck, they’re likely to tell you two things: (1) that you suffer from muscle spasms in the neck caused by any number of things such as sleeping with a pillow that’s too thick or spending an extended period of time reading or watching television, and (2) for treatment, just take some Advil or pain medication.

Well, being the type to avoid all unnecessary medication, I sought a natural remedy for the chronic pains in my neck that were so debilitating. What I realized was nothing short of miraculous. A couple years ago, I made a concerted effort to take in more water with my diet, more than doubling my paltry two or three glasses a day. The result is that more than two years later, I haven’t had one ocassion of muscle spasm in the neck area or other area. Water, of course, is much more important that just that, it helps in all life functions and is vital to a healthy existence (as I describe in The Evolution Diet: All-Natural and Allergy Free)

If this anecdotal evidence can be any indication, it’s likely that simply taking in plenty of water will relieve you of your neck pain without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Please feel free to leave comments about your experience with muscle spasms, cricks in the neck, or other pains and what you’ve done to cure them.

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