It’s not just what you eat, but also how you eat

Healthy FoodOne of the worst things about the average modern diet is the failure to appropriate and eat specific foods when they’re needed and only when they’re needed. This aspect also tends to be the most beneficial to one’s health and the aspect that most other popular diet plans overlook. We were designed to eat certain foods at certain times because those foods provide our bodies with timely benefits. The Evolution Diet breaks down healthy foods into three categories: complex carbohydrate snacks or LoS Hi-Fi foods, high-energy foods, and high-protein foods. LoS Hi-Fi foods, as described above, provide one’s body with sustained energy throughout the day; high-energy foods give one’s body a boost before, during, and immediately after exercise; and high protein foods rebuild one’s body after exercise and prepare you for sleep. Each healthy food category has a specific time to be eaten according to your activity throughout the day, but there are a number of factors in modern culture working against this appropriation. Cultural superfoods (e.g. wheat, rice, and corn), fast food, and, believe it or not, the balanced meal are just a couple of the agents working against a healthy diet—all of these go against what your body is designed to consume.

Someone may even be eating all-natural and healthy foods, but if he isn’t eating them at the appropriate times—according to activity—he is not maximizing his diet. For example, eating too much sugar before sleep would make one restless at night and tired the next day. Also, eating a large protein meal in the morning may make one sleepy an hour later, only to be combated with three or four cups of coffee.

If you are overweight, nervous, tense, easily stressed, or a horrible sleeper, simply appropriating your diet could do won- ders. All of those conditions could be due to the body not getting what it needs with regard to energy and nutrients at the right time. Nat, our friendly caveman, ate specific types of food at specific times and as Omberto, an Evolution Dieter, likes to put it, “There is food for work, food for play, and food for the rest of the day.” The food for work is the high-protein meal; the food for play is the healthy high-energy foods; and the food for the rest of the day is LoS Hi-Fi snacks. This is the essence of appropriating your diet.