A New Healthy Way to Live

Get to and maintain your ideal weight. Feel healthy and energetic throughout the day. Sleep well every night. Do these things seem impossible for you? Does the idea of a truly healthy lifestyle seem so unlikely that you’ve almost given up? If that sounds like you, you’ve been listening to the wrong people. It’s time to escape from the negative unhealthy lifestyle, and it’s time to evolve into the person you were designed to be.

If you have ever been curious as to how your body works or why we eat the things we do, this is the book for you. You are about to embark on an educational, insightful, enlightening, and often humorous journey as you learn what and how your body is designed to eat.

For nearly two million years, humans were eating in the hunter/ gatherer style of foraging for plants and then hunting for large game. Our bodies were uniquely designed, as we’ll learn later, to eat in this manner. However, about 9000 years ago, humans started eating a different way. We learned agriculture and began our move to a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle.

Recently humans have been paying the price for eating in a manner contrary to how we were designed. The skyrocketing obesity rates, ubiquitous prescription drugs, and persistent unhappiness throughout the population are signs that humans are not eating how they were designed. The Evolution Diet can help. It is a painstakingly-developed, yet astonishingly easy-to-follow method of getting back to your natural, healthy self.

All you really need to do to become a healthier, happier person is to follow what your body is saying about food and activity. This seems simple, but not too many people in today’s society do it. The Evolution Diet will explain how you can achieve your physical and emotional goals in easy, common sense steps.

Further information to come! Please feel free to contact us with any questions: info@evolution-diet.com

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