NYC Doctor: COVID-19 Is Killing People Because We’re Treating the Wrong Disease

This Front-line COVID-19 doctor revealed that the COVID-19 death rate might be as high as it is because the establishment health system was treating the wrong disease.

Dr. Kyle-Sidell hypothesizes that COVID-19 is a hematological disease akin to altitude sickness more than acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and that the protocols being used to treat ARDS are doing more harm than good.

The Gattinoni COVID paper from March 30, 2020 gives the same recommendations:

  • Patients treated with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or Non Invasive Ventilation, presenting with clinical signs of excessive inspiratory efforts, intubation should be prioritized to avoid excessive intrathoracic negative pressures and self-inflicted lung injury(4).
  • High PEEP in a poorly recruitable lung tends to result in severe hemodynamic impairment and fluid retention;
  • Prone positioning of patients with relatively high compliance results in a modest benefit at the price of a high demand for stressed human resources