Prescription Detox: How Our Allegiance to Big Pharma Makes Us Sicker and How You Can Heal Without Meds

Prescription Detox by Cheryl Winter

Millions of people take prescription drugs—including you!

Yet millions of people are still sick. Many of us remain sick for the rest of our lives.

Our doctors—the same people we put so much trust in—have let us down. They have abused our trust. They push drugs that not only do not work, but are even dangerous!

Are you on medication that causes side effects far worse than the condition you have? Do you feel drained of your natural energy?

Do you feel robbed of your spirit and passion—not to mention your good health??

Relying on the “profits at any cost” healthcare system will not heal or transform you—it will only make things worse.

Most prescription drugs are meant to mask symptoms, not the cause. Because the symptoms are hidden, the disease festers and grows even stronger.

If you continue to fall for miracle drugs, and put your faith in Big Pharma, you may experience

• Dangerous side effects (sometimes death)
• Financial bankruptcy
• Emotional bankruptcy
• Low quality of life
• Dependence/addiction
• Decreased social life
• Anxiety and depression

Fortunately, there is a way to get your health and your life back naturally.

There is hope for anyone willing to take their health in their own hands and make a change for the better.

This book is a prescription written by a family nurse practitioner and nutritionist with over 30 years of experience.

For years, Cheryl was forced to push legal drugs on patients only to watch them return sicker than they were before.

Frustrated and fed up, she came up with a way for people to get off the toxic meds and let the body heal itself the way it’s supposed to—naturally and easily.

Anyone suffering nasty side effects from medication can help themselves heal using the Prescription Detox. It works because it makes your body do the work on its own, naturally.

You become your own healer. You take charge of your own well-being.

Prescription Detox is a prescription for life. It’s an easy-to-follow, A-B-C format that outlines how your body can heal itself without the aid of mind-altering and life-altering drugs.

After years of research, study, and practice, Cheryl gives you a 3-part prescription for detoxing from prescription medications—or avoiding them all together. This lets you reverse most medical conditions and live a healthy, wealthy life to your fullest potential.

You learn everything that Big Pharma will never tell you, including the crucial roles of

• Diet
• Environment
• Genetics

Chronic disease is not a deficiency of any medication. Chronic disease is due to a deficiency of not understanding your ABCs.

Put an end to chronic disease and prescription medications once and for all. Never again fall prey to the disease-care system that only takes your health away from you.

Save thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in medical expenses that could be spent enriching your life.

Having a drug-free healthy body and a healthy mind will lead to a sense of

• Happiness
• Well-being
• Contentment
• Joy
• Zest for life

People all over the world are getting off unhealthy drugs and saving their wallet and their lives by doing what the Big Pharma millionaires are saying you can’t do—heal naturally.

Say NO to Big Pharma and say YES to health!

Buy this book and get started on the most rewarding journey you can take—the journey to a healthy body and a healthy mind.