Quite possibly the worst rationalization of vaccine side effects ever

In this video about a flu shot recipient who was stricken with Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare serious side effect of the vaccine), the doctor consulting on the story makes the most bizarre rationalization.

She says, “You can’t get [Guillain-Barré syndrome] from a flu shot. A flu shot will not inject anything into you. Guillain-Barré is your body’s response to a flu shot or a pathogen.”

Basically, she’s saying that the flu shot didn’t cause Guillain-Barré because the injection doesn’t include “Guillain-Barré”. But that’s like saying vaccines don’t cause the immunity because they don’t include immune cells in the shot. The point of vaccines is that they create the immune response in the recipient. They wouldn’t work otherwise. So, her rationalization for the side effects equates to an invalidation of the principle of vaccination–a stunning logical fallacy.

The magic starts at 1:04: