Ugg Foods: Processed Paleo?

ugg-logoHave you heard of Ugg Foods? It’s a line of health foods that adhere to the paleo guidelines as described in Zero to Paleo. Their aim is to encourage natural, healthy eating whilst still offering delicious treats. It may seem odd to make processed foods that imitate the natural foods that we were supposed to ingest, but it makes sense to us. The ingredients are paleo and the “processed” aspect is just chopping and baking, so that much of the nutrients remain.

Their website claims:

Ugg makes natural eating easy. The Ugg inventors are constantly trying to create new quick mix kits and foods to cater for those restricted by allergies, intolerances or just choosing a more natural, healthy way of eating. Our fast-growing range will open up a world of new dishes for you to enjoy without hunting down specialist ingredients or even needing to be a talented cook.

And their marketing is great:

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