Zero to Paleo now Available in Audiobook Format!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finished production on the Zero to Paleo audiobook and it’s available in the Audible and iTunes catalogs today! Now you can listen to the best introduction to the paleo lifestyle while you start to live it.

runner audioWe were grateful to have the very talented Adam Lofbomm narrate the book in a clear, approachable style. All paleo-ers and those who are interested in becoming one will find the listen entertaining and informative.

ad_audioEnjoy an excerpt from the audiobook:

Summary: For nearly two million years, humans and our hominid ancestors were eating in the hunter/gatherer style of foraging for a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables and then hunting and scavenging for large game. However, about 9,000 years ago, humans started eating in a manner contrary to their design, while living increasingly sedentary lives.

cover_audibleIn Zero to Paleo: A Beginners’ Guide to Living the All-Natural and Gluten Free Lifestyle of Our Ancestors, Joseph SB Morse shows how we can achieve ultimate health by emulating our ancestors’ hunter/gatherer lifestyle. You’re about to embark on an insightful, and often humorous journey to discover how humans evolved to eat, what cultureless humans would eat, and how we can use that knowledge with today’s technology and wealth to develop the ideal diet. Included in this edition is a detailed section on the most common food allergies and intolerances: Dairy, egg, peanut, seafood, shellfish, soy, tree nut, and wheat (including celiac). The benefits of Zero to Paleo are immediate and include attaining an ideal weight, achieving balanced energy throughout the day, better sleep, and alleviation of symptoms from food intolerances and allergies. If you’ve been asking yourself what and how we were designed to eat, Morse’s Zero to Paleo is the answer.