4 Reasons Why Corn Subsidies Are Making You Fat

How Government subsidies on corn make you fat.

Corn Products

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
Food manufacturers use corn to produce a variety of food additives including High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Contrary to claims from within the industry, high fructose corn syrup is much worse for us than regular table sugar (sucrose). Due to its chemical makeup, HFCS boosts fat storage and has turned everyday products into unhealthy ones. To make matters worse, it has found its way into almost everything. There is an “upside”, however. HFCS is an incredibly good “marker”, that is, any food containing it is likely to be over processed and full of cheap, unhealthy, unnatural ingredients.

2. Subsidies Lower Meat Prices
Subsidized corn is used as feed for animals. This practice has driven down meat prices throughout the industry, making those burgers, chicken sandwiches and grocery store meats cheap. As a result, our country has developed an unmatched hunger for meat, routinely devouring disproportionate servings from one-third to a half-pound or more. This overindulgence is bad for the environment and bad for the body given our relatively sedentary lifestyles.

3. Corn Creates Less Healthy Meat
The cheap corn is also used as feed at “factory farms”, creating poor quality meat and new diseases. As you may know, a cow’s natural diet consists of grass. Feeding them corn causes the cattle to put on disproportionate amounts of Omega 6 based fat. Fatter cows means more profit, but guess where this fat ends up? You guessed it, on our midsections, butts and thighs. It also sabotages the cow’s digestive tract, creating mucous blockages and acidic conditions. This in turn forces the farmers to load their cattle up with antibiotics which prolongs their life, just long enough to get them to slaughter. It has even given birth to new strands of bacteria including E. coli O157:H7. Publicized for numerous deaths in recent years, this strand is resistant to traditional methods of elimination.

4. The Role of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Most corn in the United States is genetically modified. In fact, various organizations have been exposed, but not punished, for forcing small farms out of business simply because they refuse to grow genetically modified corn. In fact, in the interest of protecting industry giants, farmers are not allowed to advertise the fact that they do not grow genetically modified product. This means we do not have a choice to buy non-GMO foods. This is coming at a time when experts are only beginning to explore a multitude of negative ramifications associated with these genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Add to this the fact that much of our food is being irradiated, destroying enzymes as well as other beneficial properties and what we have is a high calorie, low nutrient food that causes our bodies to fall out of balance while storing lots of excess fat.

Now you understand how subsidies on corn contribute to the excess fat that has been directly linked to a host of diseases from heart disease to diabetes as well as other factors like low workplace productivity, more sick days, absenteeism, higher insurance costs and the list goes on. These subsidies are actively producing imbalances that are contributing directly to the fat epidemic in this country, and corn is not the only one. As we mentioned earlier, there are a few other major players in this arena. The sad reality is that government subsidies on corn, soy and wheat have made it cheaper for parents to feed their children McDonald’s rather than fresh fruits and vegetables.

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