The New Evolution Diet Review

book-new-evolution-diet-bigWhile it misses some of the beneficial aspects of the original Evolution Diet, Arthur De Vany’s New Evolution Diet has a lot to offer. Here’s what people have said:

The New Evolution Diet is perfect for anyone who has struggled with maintaining health goals and juggling a busy lifestyle. Finally this book shows you how to work smarter not harder and achieve various health goals with minimal impact to your lifestyle.

I’m motivated to write this New Evolution Diet review as this book is way different to any health and fitness book I have ever read! It would be foolish to brand this book another hyped health book claiming to reveal the best methods. This book is far more than that! Art presents his material in a kind of “this is how I did it, and you can too fashion” rather than guaranteeing results or making bold claims. The New Evolution Diet contains data that Art has collected from a huge volume of research and personal experimentation.

Naturally anyone who is interested in health, fitness and well-being may wonder what the background of the author involves. Well that is a difficult question. Anyone who has read any of of his work understands that Art De Vany is a thought leader and a true intellectual. He started developing the material in the book after his son was diagnosed with diabetes.   As he looked in to the causes and remedies of the disease, it turned out that his unique background allowed him to understand the issue in a unique way.  De Vany was an economist and had studied complex systems while working on natural gas prices and the prediction of Hollywood movie success.  It turned out that these two areas offered a unique understanding of how complex systems- such as metabolism- behave.