Great Write-up On LiveStrong has a great write-up on The Evolution Diet. Here’s an excerpt:


Developer Joseph S.B. Morse designed the Evolution Diet to imitate the eating habits of hunter-gatherer tribes. He models the program after the diet of existing tribes. Unlike many diets that isolate one food group to either avoid or eat in large quantities, the Evolution Diet encourages dieters to learn what, when and how to eat, in order to improve overall health and well-being.

Basic Principles

Unlike many other diet programs, which begin by shocking the dieter out of detrimental eating habits, the Evolution Diet encourages dieters to amend their lifestyle as a whole. It accomplishes this through four basic principles. First, dieters should listen to their body in order to determine when and how to eat. Second, the diet should imitate the ancient hunter-gatherer diet. Low-sugar and high-fiber foods are eaten in small amounts, with larger quantities of lean protein. Third, “Artificially Extreme Foods” (AEF) should be avoided as much as possible. The Evolution-Diet Website uses fried Twinkies as an example of an AEF. Finally, dieters must sleep and exercise when their bodies tell them to.