Stone-Age Breadmaker?

Unless you prefer the All-Natural and Allergy Free Evolution Diet, bread is a great compliment to the LoS Hi-Fi foods of the original Evolution Diet. After all, new studies reveal that Stone Age peoples did eat some sort of bread (though it was nothing like the yeast bread of today). That’s why I’ve been ecstatic ever since I received my new Breadman from Amazon. Here’s my review:

Not in my possession but three hours and I have already sampled my first Breadman bread. It was what they call a “quick bread” (banana and almond style). It was a little dry and chewy on the outside, but the recipe provided a very tasty bread. [edit] I’ve since learned that there is a setting for crust color (light, medium, dark) which allows for the perfect crust.

The thing is, baking this delicious treat was extremely simple. Just throw the ingredients in the pan and punch a few buttons. Viola, two hours and eight minutes later, you have a consistent, warm, self-baked bread just looking at you waiting for you to dig in.

Since this is my first Breadman, I am not sure what to compare it to, but I like the different sizes you can use (half-pound to 2.5 pound loaf sizes) and how the onboard computer knows how to mix and bake my concoction.

I’ve made three breads (easier each time) and I’m looking forward to getting creative. I highly recommend this machine!