The Evolution Diet Answers

As is the case with most mainstream media product, The Evolution Diet has become the target of quite a few amateur critics in the form of Amazon User Reviews. Most of the criticism is irrational and childish and it doesn’t even provide a little humor. Critics, if you’re going to be irrelevant, you might as well be funny! Alas, that’s not the case with The Evolution Diet critics.

Most of the criticism (ad hominem or non sequitor logical fallacies) can be ignored. The one that I’d like to address is the scientific validity of the eating plan.

The main point I’d like to focus on here is the second principle of The Evolution Diet: Appropriate Your Diet in the Method of Our Ancestors. That means snack on low-sugar high fiber foods throughout the day and eat a large protein meal after exercise. You can read more about the benefits of doing this in the books (The Evolution Diet and in The Evolution Diet: All-Natural and Allergy Free) but I’d like to present some of the sources for this principle. Enjoy!

Stomach acidity:
Chivers quote:
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Digestive system
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Protein Metabolism
More energy with high-carb diet
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Digestion diseases
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Penn State Study:
Thermic effect:

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