So Many Benefits, So Little Effort!

Another wonderful staple

The Evolution Diet can help you in countless ways. Here are just some of the main reactions we’ve seen from our studies.
High Energy: Most noticeably, you will experience a constant high level of energy throughout the day. You will not get the dramatic boosts in energy from a sugar or caffeine high and you will not get the dramatic lulls that tend to follow. You will experience the balanced energy of eating naturally.

Ideal Weight:
Since you will be eating when your body tells you to and what nature tells you to, you will achieve your ideal weight. You will probably be eating more often, but you will be eating less densely concentrated foods. This should allow for a pleasurable dieting experience while you lose all those pounds!

Better Sleep: The main problem with people’s physiology in today’s society is due to their lack of quality sleep, and their lack of quality sleep is due to their unnatural diet. The Evolution Diet is specifically planned so that you don’t give yourself mass quantities of energy before you want to go to sleep and it’s designed to give you the added bonus of certain amino acids that aid in sleep. Also, you will be filling your stomach to capacity once a day (dinner); this will tell your body that it’s time to rest.

Relaxation: If you are stressed or irritated often, the Evolution Diet will help you relax. The constant, balanced energy level you will get throughout the day will lead to a more relaxed, less stressed person. In addition, the better sleep you will experience will also help you become more at ease other times of the day.

Better Physical Performance: When you begin to eat the way you were designed to eat, you will notice a marked improvement in your physical performance. This happens because you’re producing energy when your body needs it and you’re exercising when you are ready, not when it is convenient in your schedule.

More Enjoyment in Eating: If you’re like most Evolution Dieters, you will experience a greater joy in eating. Since you are limited in your food selection at certain times of the day (meat throughout the day, for instance), you will learn to appreciate each food type more.

Better Dental Health: The process of constantly munching on things throughout the day, as specified in the Evolution Diet causes an increase in saliva output. This has been shown in many medical tests and is promoted by the use of sugarless chewing gum as a deterrent to cavities and gingivitis.

More Motivation to Exercise: Separating your diet into food groups designed for before and after exercise will help you motivate yourself to exercise. Of course, the energy boost of Energy Foods will help, but also, the reward system of a hearty High-Protein Meal after exercise will also give you motivation to work out.

Better Concentration: Throughout the day, you should expect to have better concentration and alertness due to the constant intake of moderate amounts of energy.

Better Immune System: When your body becomes accustomed to a consistent, natural way of eating, your immune system will benefit. All the energy that used to go to your stress-inducing diet can be concentrated on fighting off viruses and bacteria.

Long Term Benefits:These benefits are great and they are immediate, but the true rewards are only seen in the long run. With the Evolution Diet, you will drastically reduce your chance of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, ADD, and food allergies.