Make Absurdly Refreshing Drinks At Your Own Home!

soda streamBubbles in your drinks is natural in beer, but besides that, it’s not found in nature and I typically try to eat naturally. But you can’t really deny how significantly more refreshing a bubbly drink is compared to its flat counterpart. I don’t know if the effervescence dancing on the tongue and throat somehow increases the coolness or bumps up the flavor or what, but it works. As I’ve written before, I don’t think anything is more refreshing than a fresh sparkling lemonade and it’s scientifically proven that sparkling watermelon juice is the best thing ever.

We were mixing fruit juices with canned seltzer waters but that got a bit pricey and annoying with regard to the abundance of cans and you don’t know what kind of water they use. I got the Soda Stream home soda maker for father’s day and was pretty excited to start making Morse Soda!

I was disappointed to find out that it’s designed to only carbonate water and not just any juice, but it turns out to be okay. We mix in the carbonated water with fruit juice and it’s just as good or better than the fruit juice alone. After all, It Is Scientifically Proven That Sparkling Watermelon Juice Is the Best Thing Ever. Somehow the bubbles compensate for the flavor loss? Not sure how that works but it does. The sample syrups are also not very good. We tried the lemon/lime and the root beer. Meh. This also encouraged us to just use our own juice to mix with.

It seems like there might be a technical issue. The machine makes a loud unpleasant noise when it appears to be too carbonated as if it’s busting out of its connection. Not sure if that’s a feature or a bug.

Overall, this is a great product, but it may not be according to the way the manufacturers intended.

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