Pathological Optimist Gets Behind-the-Scenes of Vaccine Controversy

The vaccine issue tends to remove all reasonableness from people who get close to it (several reviews are examples) but Pathological Optimist tries to take a balanced, fair look at vaccines in general and specifically the controversy surrounding Andrew Wakefield. Seeing the personal angle of how a doctor and his family respond to the fairly clear smear job is eye-opening and tragic. I’m glad that he’s found another outlet in his production Vaxxed since the court and the mainstream media seem hellbent on quashing–not only criticism of any vaccine but also any question of the safety or efficacy. That’s not supporting science, that’s scientism and it’s scary.

There are so many questions about vaccines and autism for that matter. I’m not saying there’s a link but I am saying that it does no one any good to stamp out the conversation–well maybe it does the vaccine manufacturers good.

Wakefield may not be the best spokesperson. He admittedly didn’t dot all his ‘i’s with regard to the MMR research. But this type of scrutiny has never been applied to any study in the history of science. It’s what people with a guilty conscience would do.

Loved seeing the Austin scenery in this film. Hated seeing the destruction of an honest physician.

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