Vaxxed is Eye-Opening and Infuriating

I knew there was substantial harm done by vaccines throughout the general population but I was skeptical about the autism connection. That is until I watched Vaxxed, the documentary by scandalized Andrew Wakefield. It is a fair and very convincing presentation on the correlation between the MMR vaccine specifically and the astounding rise in autism. Most importantly, however, it depicts what should be a five-alarm fire in the medical science industry—the coverup of the most troubling fraud in the history of the country.

This will infuriate you and the calls to action at the end of the film are more than reasonable. The documentary does, however leave a couple questions still unanswered:

If the MMR vaccine causes in increased risk in autism when given at a certain period in development, what is the mechanism that is problematic? Wakefield says that they didn’t see an increased risk in the single dose vaccines—what’s wrong with the MMR vaccine that could be causing this.

Also, if there is a connection, shouldn’t we have seen a spike then a plateau in cases of autism instead of the exponential growth we’re seeing? After all, most children have received the same MMR vaccine for decades, what is causing the continued growth in autism?