We Love #Paleo- Do You?

Screen-Shot-2015-05-13-at-15.49.03We Love Paleo looks to be a multimedia extravaganza involving the paleo lifestyle. Meal plans, books, and a documentary. Surveying various aspects of the natural lifestyle including diet, exercise, and overall wellbeing by paleo enthusiasts across the globe, the documentary looks great.

From the blog:

Our goal with We Love Paleo is to reach a larger, more mainstream group of people who might otherwise never come across the paleo principles and ultimately inspire them to try it out for themselves. All this whilst entertaining them with a good story.There’s something in it for paleo enthusiasts too, who will probably enjoy the fact that there’s (finally) a film touching on obvious topics such as nutrition, but also, fasting, sprinting, movement, chronic cardio, sleep and lots more.

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