Is Natural Childbirth Obsolete?

Nearly half of the babies born in US hospitals are by Cesarean Section Surgery. That is a crazy statistic that points to an industry that is increasingly unnatural. The result of more medical care should mean better outcomes, but the US ranks near the bottom in mother and infant mortality among developed countries.

The Business of Being Born” is a shocking documentary that spotlights the business of birth in the United States and the world. There is a lot to be alarmed about from this.

It is clear that there is a dramatic and crucially important connection that is made between a mother and child right after natural childbirth. This is lost in c-section deliveries or when the mother is treated like a piece of meat, drugged up and nearly comatose. The film doesn’t mention it but it seems like there could be a link between these unnatural births and postpartum depression among other medical issues.

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