How to Cook Vegetables Like You Want to Eat Them

caul1. Buy fresh vegetables, not the canned stuff you scooted around on your plate when you were little.

2. Add fat like you mean it. Do you take fish oil with a vitamin to help your body better absorb the vitamin? You can do the same thing with vegetables! Fat brings out the flavor and adds a perfectly-cooked, gourmet texture.

3. COOK AT HIGH HEAT. Nothing is worse than limp, slow-cooked vegetables. If you are roasting veggies in the oven, turn it up to 425 degrees. If you pan-fry them, use a heavy skillet, or even cast iron. This will make them turn a pretty golden brown.

4. Salt is a flavor-enhancer. A pinch of salt tossed on high above the food allows it to be evenly distributed. Salt allows the vegetables to “sweat” through osmosis. A general rule is you want to draw water out of vegetables, and keep water inside meat. Make sure you use a high-quality salt, it is healthier than table salt and tastes better.

5. Add flavor. Bloom garlic or red pepper flakes in your oil of choice, throw brown butter over the top, or add fresh herbs. It all works.