The Evolution Diet

A Brief Overview of the Diet

The Evolution Diet ( also known as Zero to Paleo) is revolutionary not because it uses cutting-edge chemistry, but rather because it uses ancient biology. It encourages you to get more in touch with your body and know how it was designed to eat. It also encourages you to eat how and when you were meant to eat, not just what you were meant to eat. When this happens, you will eat the types of food you would without the influences of culture and regain the ideal weight you may have previously lost. This will inevitably lead to a happier, healthier life all around.

hunter gathererOne of the unique aspects of The Evolution Diet is that it is a consistent plan for eating throughout one’s life. While most other diets start participants off with a “shock-your-system” introduction followed by eating in moderation, The Evolution Diet calls for one unique, life-long method of eating, which reflects your personal lifestyle and can support you through activity or inactivity.

The goal is to imitate the diet of natural humans (or, as referred to onward as Natural Man or Nat) in order to fit the diet our bodies have been designed to take in. Regardless of how you think our species was designed, we were made to eat certain things and in a certain way. Natural Man (without present culture) had been around 500 times longer than Cultural Man and his extremely efficient and excessively caloric foods. During that time, our ancestors’ digestive systems were selected to eat based on our surroundings and environment, which varies only slightly outside of the Arctic Circle.

In essence, Natural Man evolved to eat a specific way: small quantities of low-sugar and high-fiber foods (referred to on this site as LoS Hi-Fi foods) throughout the day until he hunted and subsequently gorged on mass quantities of nutritious, lean meat (High Protein). This simplified version of the subsistence hunter/gatherer diet illustrates a rough outline of the foods our bodies are expecting us to feed it.

If we don’t feed our bodies a diet along those lines, they react adversely with the conditions like weight gain, heart problems, and sleep apnea, and which eventually send some to the doctor’s office.

The Evolution Diet begins with the basic hunter/gatherer and infuses modern healthy foods and exercise to produce the most well-rounded, sophisticated dietetic plan yet. Optimal well being can be obtained by combining the intrinsic wisdom of our genes with the wealth and expertise of today.

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The Four Principles of The Evolution Diet
1. Listen to your body, not your culture
2. Appropriate your diet in the method of our ancestors
3. Eat from nature and avoid intake of Artificially Extreme Foods (AEFs)
4. Exercise and sleep when your body tells you to.




  1. Wow- I can’t wait to get started!

  2. I have been researching this diet. Can I get the book in the library. I live on an extremely frugal budget/social security. Thanks.

  3. Was this program aired on Discovery channel’s “FitTV” and can there be a repeat. It was interesting

  4. Hi
    I have just read your book and was disappointed mostly due to the inconsistencies. The 1st few chapters make a simple statement: Eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts like your body has evolved to do and eat them at certain times. This is straightforward and easy and do-able. Then you discuss the indigestible toxins associated with grains, legumes, AEF’s and dairy and suggest that we have not evolved to consume these foods and so they may be harmful to our health. Fair enough, so far so good. Then on page 121 you list the Los Hi-Fi food that you could snack on throughout the day to get stained energy and weight loss, this list is ridiculous as it directly contradicts the previous chapters by including grains, and legumes! (corn, rice, oatmeal, peas wheat pita)…For myself I will be sticking to Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts which is what I already knew was good to do before I read this book.

    • James- your contention with the inconsistencies in The Evolution Diet is apt and well-presented. While we disparage AEFs throughout the book, we include them in the sample diet a number of times. In defense of the sample diet, it is supposed to be a realistic view of an average diet. We didn’t want to exclude all unnatural foods as long as they are eaten in moderation and not irreconcilably harmful to one’s health. After all, as I mentioned in the book, the purpose isn’t to eat exactly like our Stone Age ancestors (including drought-caused fasts)—that would lead to malnutrition, but to take some of their techniques and apply them to our modern diet. In any case, this should be clearer in the book and we appreciate your criticism.

      That said, we released an All-Natural and Allergy Free edition of The Evolution Diet that covers the inconsistencies you point out. If you’re interested in an all natural diet, please have a look at the latest edition.

  5. From your home page (Chapter 7):

    “Choosing the path is the extent of your control–beyond that, it’s out of your hands. You choose, and then life rolls the dice.”

    Sounds very similar to this Sanskrit verse from the Bhagavad Gita:

    “karmanye vadhika raste
    ma phaleshu kadachana
    ma karma phala hetu bhurba
    te sangostav karmani”


    “You have a right to perform action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not performing action.”

  6. You could have saved yourself time, money and trees buy just printing a picture of a banana. My family came from the Garden of Eden where nothing shed blood until sin entered in. Mankind didn’t “evolve” from frog snot, nor did they swing in the trees. If you want to see what we are meant to eat, look back to the Garden of Eden before man thought he was so smart. Not a hate response…Just sayin’…..

  7. Sue, the author of The Evolution Diet does not assert HOW we were designed but asserts that the way most people eat today is not in accordance with that. The Eden Diet is a great idea that would fit with The Evolution Diet. Unfortunately, someone has already written a book with that title and put a piece of chocolate cake on the cover.

  8. Have you done any research or inquiry into the link between diet and fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue? The more I read the more I’m convinced that it is metabolic, exacerbated by an insulin and stress. I’m neither a clinician nor practitioner, simply a proactive patient who has been seeking answers for a year and is starting to find the way.

    • Thanks for your post. Certainly one of the benefits of eating the way we were designed is more and more consistent energy. There may very well be a connection between highly unnatural foods and fibromyalgia.

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